Fabric Sale

If you are a professional of amateur sewer and you need to stock up, you can get a material at a reduced price at on-line fabric sale or in stationary shops, which also offer more and more competitive prices. The fashion for sewing revives and more and more people are coming back to this fantastic activity. There is a lot of pleasure in preparing a hand-made and unique skirt or jacket from the material we like. And there are also more and more sewers, who sell their hand-made products on-line and earn a living in this way or run a blog or you tube channel, where they present how the clothes may be made. As a result, different types of fabric sale are also becoming increasingly popular and on-line we can purchase basically any material, from velvet through cotton to silk and almost in any pattern we can think of. This gives an infinite number of possibilities to sew a clothing, which will meet our requirements and will caress our taste without any compromises.

Why is it worth?

The best quality

We offer silk materials, cashmere, wool and high-quality viscose and cotton.

Customers' trust

We invite all fashion lovers to familiarize with the offer of our warehouse. We guarantee an individual approach for each client.


Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which indicates the absence of harmful substances.