Fabric Import

Currently, due to a high demand for different, also luxurious and hard-to-get materials, many suppliers operating on the market deal with fabric import. Such a high demand for various materials stems from the fact that many people come back to crafts, and they want to make clothes, upholstery or accessories by themselves. They either treat it as a hobby or as a business, some of them run a small clothing companies or blogs, where they show the products they made on their own and show their readers step by step how to do the same. The popularity of blogs and custom-made clothes translates into the popularity of fabric import. Many textiles are imported from China, for example silk or from India, for instance cotton. On-line we can choose the fabric we want to import, check the prices of the material and select a colour or pattern that we are interested in. Nowadays, we can do all this with a few clicks, and we do not have to leave the house. This opportunity is very convenient and comfortable.

Why is it worth?

The best quality

We offer silk materials, cashmere, wool and high-quality viscose and cotton.

Customers' trust

We invite all fashion lovers to familiarize with the offer of our warehouse. We guarantee an individual approach for each client.


Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which indicates the absence of harmful substances.