Fabric By The Meter

Although it seemed that the good sewing machines would be the thing of the past, and the mass production will totally replace hand dressmaking, we can now observe the revival of sewing. Why is that? Crafts are fashionable again. Beginning with sewing, through crocheting to decoupage and many more similar activities are taken up by an increasing number of people, mainly women, who find pleasure and joy in making clothes. Due to the fact that the majority of things we buy today are mass produced, it is nice to have something prepared only in one copy – and have it for ourselves or give it as a present. If we want to sew a one and only shirt, skirt or jacket – buying a material has never been so easy. Both stationary and on-line shops sell fabric by the mater or by the yard, and we can purchase basically any textile we need in many different patterns. Additionally, if we buy fabric by the meter, we can save a lot of money if we are able to predict how much of it we need.

Why is it worth?

The best quality

We offer silk materials, cashmere, wool and high-quality viscose and cotton.

Customers' trust

We invite all fashion lovers to familiarize with the offer of our warehouse. We guarantee an individual approach for each client.


Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which indicates the absence of harmful substances.