Cotton Knit Fabric

Cotton knit fabric is the material used mainly in the production of clothing, especially T-shirts, sweaters or underwear. But not only, we will often encounter caps, trousers, blankets or dresses, and many more items of clothing, made of cotton knit fabric. The material is warm, flexible, resistant to creasing and soft. It possesses most of qualities that standard cotton has. It is airy, absorbs humidity, water and sweat, and it has very good thermal and insulation properties. The material is machine washable. General characteristic of knit fabric is that it does not unravel. What is more, as was mentioned earlier, it is less wrinkly than other, for instance woven fabrics, and it is very soft. Among the types of knit fabric we can distinguish for example jersey, interlock or fleece. Cotton knit material is also very often used for doll making, giving our kids a lot of pleasure and joy. However, before use, we have to always remember to steam it.

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