Chiffon Material

Chiffon material falls into the category of elegant and smooth fabrics. It is very light-weight and airy fabric, which makes a stunning impression. It also has a slippery structure and magical luster. Chiffon material is primarily used to make evening wear, beautiful long dresses as well as wedding dresses and veils. The material gives ethereal and light look to the dress. It is also often used for wedding decorations, for instance as an overlay. However, it can also be used to make blouses or trousers. Chiffon is worn especially in summer, due to its airy properties and thin structure. The fabric may be made of silk, nylon, cotton and polyester. The most expensive is silk chiffon, the price of which can be even eight times higher than the remaining types of chiffon. Chiffon looks elegant on anyone who wears it, however keep in mind that it can widen our hips. The texture of chiffon is very smooth and translucent, which makes it very delicate and gives clothes a romantic character.

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