Chenille Fabric

The name of chenille fabric comes from the French word which means caterpillar, because the chenille yarn resembles the fur of this insect. The material is mainly intended for furniture, it is a very popular upholstery material, usually composed of acrylic and polyester. However, chenille yarn is also produced from cotton, acrylic, olefin or rayon. It is available in numerous colours, patterns and structures. Chenille is often confused with velvet, because it is a very similar material. It is very pleasant to touch because it’s extremely smooth, and that is why it is often used for covering sofas or armchairs. But chenille fabric is in fact universal, and can be used to cover any type of furniture, it can also be used to make curtains, especially when we want them to be heavy and thick. The material is solid and strong, very easy to maintain, especially when it has been impregnated. It is also highly resistant to abrasion due to the fact that it is thick. It is very durable.

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