Wholesale Fabrics

Anyone who is a keen sewer and likes to work with different textures and materials, either professionally or as a hobby, can now find a broad selection of wholesale fabrics on-line. The Internet is a kingdom of goods – we can get there basically everything. No matter if we are interested in a woven or knit fabric, cotton, velvet, silk, chiffon or some other, also more rare materials, there are plenty of on-line stores where we can supplement our assortment and enjoy new models and patterns. And a huge advantage of purchasing wholesale fabric in the Internet is the fact that we do not have to stick to shops located in our country, because the patterns are international – it is not like a book that needs to be translated into our mother tongue and only then we will be able to use it. If we fall in love with a pattern, which is made only in Brazil or China – that is absolutely no problem, we can still buy it, however, the costs of delivery will be certainly higher.

Why is it worth?

The best quality

We offer silk materials, cashmere, wool and high-quality viscose and cotton.

Customers' trust

We invite all fashion lovers to familiarize with the offer of our warehouse. We guarantee an individual approach for each client.


Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which indicates the absence of harmful substances.